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The word "Square" is defined as a person who is uninterested in current fads, ideas, trends, tastes, etc.; an conventional,or conservative person.

Squares ™ is a company created to empower and encourage individualism among today's youth. We want to let the world know that it's OK to excel in school and not sub-come to peer pressure.
Far too often, society paints the picture that for inner city kids the only options are: athletics, entertainment, or the debacles of the tough streets. Through mentor-ships and various community service projects, we strive to show the youth that the decisions of today, such as abstinence, saying no to drugs, and succeeding in school, can lead to an abundant of benefits for tomorrow.

Since our inception in November 2011, the company has sponsored numerous events and has collected over 300 cans to feed the homeless. We plan to continue spreading awareness to our youth by steering them away from the accustomed "cool kid" concept by allowing them the opportunity to expand their realm into "individuality".

Our formula "motto" for doing so is...

"Each square of today is a building block towards a better tomorrow."

For more info:
Austin Levy
> 504-913-0658
> Hutmgmt@gmail.com

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